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Congressman John Tierney Inquiry Response
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June 10, 2014

Mr. James L. Brown
38 High Rock Street
Lynn, Massachusetts 01902-3815

15 MAY 2017
Hello Everyone, It appears that the National Headquarters is about to take action to ensure Federations and Chapters handle their respective treasury accounts in a responsible and acceptable manner. Please refer to the tasking paragraph in the National President's email forwarded with this message. I have twice previously requested your Chapter's and our Federation's responses. Eleven chapters responded with their reports. Thanks to those chapters. Five chapters and the Massachusetts Federation have not responded! The five chapters are #221, #430, #434, #1491 and # 1568. I will mail copies of this email and the requested financial report form for your soonest compliance. Please return the completed report to Gene Holt, Federation Secretary. Thanks, Gene Holt -----Original Message----- From: Jim Crawford To: Bill Wayne ; Dave MacDonald ; Gary Legg ; Gene Holt (MA Secretary) ; Lloyd Woods ; Mark Bernstein ; Mary Nadeau ; Ricardo Sent: Sat, May 13, 2017 6:26 pm Subject: Fwd: Update and Tasking All, Note the Tasking paragraph in this update from the National President. Problems with the field's management of dues money continue. Those same concerns are what drove me to work up the financial controls form that I asked our Federations and Chapters to complete and return several months ago. So we're ahead of the game in that regard. I believe most if not all of those forms have been sent to me, but if there are any that haven't been, I absolutely need them now, without any further delay. I plan to go through the responses very shortly, but in the meantime you should be acting on those that showed problems, making sure the problems are corrected within the next few weeks (see deadlines the National President has set). Note that the stakes have been raised, in that future funds for the federation/chapter will not be disbursed until everything is in compliance. Jim Crawford NARFE Regional Vice President, Region I (CT, MA, ME, NH, NY, RI, VT)