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Instructions & Guidelines

A newsletter shall be defined as: A small publication or short written report that deals with news and activities of an organization and that is sent to members of that organization. A postcard meeting notice does not conform to this definition.

Reimbursement criteria include the following parameters:

1. Requests for this reimbursement must be submitted in this specific format.

2. Reimbursement will cover one half (1/2) of expenses to produce and distribute not more than six (6) newsletters per fiscal year.

3 Requests should be limited to one newsletter at a time and submitted in timely fashion following the newsletters distribution. No multiple newsletters or once a year lump sum requests will be honored.

4 The final request must be submitted by June 15 to provide for timely receipt prior to June 30.

5 Receipts will be required for all requested expenses including a copy of said newsletter.

6 Those chapters utilizing a bulk mail permit should divide the permit cost by the periodic frequency of newsletters mailed (i.e. five newsletters per year mailed: permit cost divided by 5 = cost per newsletter request).

7 Requests not submitted in accordance with these guidelines will be returned for proper submission.

Request for reimbursement of Newsletter Costs


To: Federation President

Subject: Request for Newsletter reimbursement for:___________________________

(Date of issue) From: (Chapter number & name; name, address & telephone no. of person preparing form)

Cost Area Dollar Value (actual cost from receipt for all areas)





Bulk Mailing Permit Fee:

Total actual cost:
Total reimbursement requested (divide actual cost by 2): ______________

You must enclose a copy of newsletter and the itemized receipts.

Submitted by:______________________________


Date Submitted:_____________________________

Please submit final request by June 15 to ensure receipt prior to June 30.

MFC Approval for payment_________________________________________ (Signature & date)


Reimbursement Instructions

1. Requests for reimbursement must be submitted on form MAFED FH-2 (10/06).
2. Complete form as appropriate indicated by blank space titles.
3. Receipts are required for all claimed expenses except mileage expense.
4. Sign and date voucher.
5. Submit to Federation President for approval if you are an elected federation officer or appointed committee chair/coordinator.
5a. Committee members submit to your committee chair for approval.
6. This form may be used for reimbursement of Federation Convention expenses . However, submit to Convention Treasurer for approval and payment.

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