National Active and Retired Federal Employees


Massachusetts Federation of Chapters


FON Report Recommendations
1: Engage in viable strategic planning on an on-going basis.
2: Conduct a comprehensive branding study, to include whether or not a name change is warranted for NARFE.
3: Enhance NARFE’s mission to include championing good government and public service.
4: Establish regionally-elected Board of Directors of five NARFE members.
5: Provide for representative election of Board of Directors under new structure and governance.
6: Allow for two additional (or more if exceptional opportunity arises) appointed Board members.
7: Establish term limits for Board members.
8: Board members elect Board President and Board Treasurer.
9: Reduce four National Resident Officers to two National Non-Resident Officers.
10: Use funding recovered from reduction of the number of National Officers and change to Non-residency to hire professional marketing staff and hire an Executive Director.
11: Update current removal process for all in elected and appointed positions.
12: Establish the regionally-elected Board members function as policy makers.
13: Board of Directors to set annual National membership dues as part of the organizational budget process.
14: Salaries of the Board President and the Board Treasurer will be commensurate with their redefined roles.
15: Institute term limits of three terms for the Board President and the Board Treasurer.
16: Create a removal process for the Board President and the Board Treasurer.
17: Hire a professional Executive Director to manage the NARFE Headquarters.
18: Transition from the Federation structure to a state advocacy structure.
19: Curtail Federation funds, and migrate funding to State, and other, Representatives, and for congressional legislative advocacy.
20: State Representatives and two other Representatives (replacing Federation Presidents) to become compensated.
21: State Representatives to elect the Board of Directors, using a proportional voting system.
22: Establish Congressional District Leaders (CDLs) in each Congressional District.
23: Congressional District Leaders will be reimbursed for reasonable expenses by NARFE HQ.
24: Direct election of CDLs by voting NARFE members.
25: Structure NARFEs election process to coincide with the U.S. Congressional election process.
26: Congressional District Leaders elect State Representatives, or other similar Representatives, using a proportional voting system.
27: Local Chapter membership will become optional.
28: NARFE members are automatically members of a Congressional District action team.
29: NARFE membership is open to all supporting its mission.
30: NARFE should increase its professional marketing staff.
31: Open NARFE membership to Youth, up to age 26, at a reduced rate, e.g. $10/year.
32: Vigorously pursue non-dues revenue sources.
33: NARFE should seriously consider establishing a 501(c) (3) foundation. 34: Conventions should transition into conferences and other events.
35: NARFE must use the most beneficial technology and communications methods possible.

Speaker's John Tierney
FON Interest
Chapter President's Senator Thomas P. Kennedy
Fed Sec

Massachusetts NARFE