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Dates: Thursday, May 2 and Friday, May 3, 2019

Location: Devens Common Center
31 Andrews Parkway
Devens, MA 01434
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Massachusetts Federation

64th Annual Convention Report

May 2 & 3, 2019


The 64th annual convention of the Massachusetts Federation was held on Thursday, May 2 and Friday, May 3, 2019 at the Devens Common Center, Devens, Massachusetts.
The Massachusetts Federation was the host. Nine Massachusetts Chapters were represented by 35 registered members to this convention.
Also, four guests representing the National Headquarters, National Executive Board, and New Hampshire Federation were present.
Three Federal Employees Benefits Program Companies staffed informational tables for the members' benefit and questions.

In Memory

This 64th convention of the Massachusetts Federation was dedicated to John F. Moran, recently deceased. We are most grateful for his many years of active participation, worthwhile contributions and willingness to further the purpose of the organization.

First Day Afternoon Events

Ross Apter, Political Associate, NARFE Headquarters, presented a national legislative update from National Headquarters perspective and followed with a NARFE-PAC update as a separate session.

The Evening Program

The members and guests gathered for a social hour followed by a banquet dinner. The dinner was followed by the presentation of awards and the annual Federation raffle drawing. Music throughout the evening was provided by David and Marcia Burbank, who are members of our Chapter 189.


Blanche Dorunda, Chapter 484 received the recruiting award for the individual with the most new member recruitments and Chapter 484 for the chapter with the most new recruitments. The awards are for $50.00 each.
Karen Mayotte, Federation First Vice President, was recognized for her service and presented with a Meritorious Service Award.

Federation Raffle Results

The raffle drawing was the last formal event planned for the evening. The winners were: Hugu Carroll, Chapter 34 ($500.00), William L. Stirling, Chapter 818 ($400.00), John Connolly, Chapter 479 ($300.00), Theresa Angelo, Chapter 479 ($200.00), R. Rivers, Chapter 484 ($100.00), John Coyne, Chapter 430 ($100.00), R. Goehlert, Chapter 479 ($100.00), and Gerald Houde, Chapter 360 ($100.00). Federation Business Meeting
May 3, 2019

Federation President Robert Pierce called the business meeting to order at 9:00 am. Convention Chaplain James Edwards gave the invocation. James Edwards, Convention Sergeant-at-Arms, led the Pledge of Allegiance. Federation Secretary called the roll of elected officers. The following elected officers were present: President Robert Pierce, First VP Karen Mayotte, Second VP Jeff Anliker, Secretary Gene Holt, Treasurer Norma Costa, Metro Boston DVP William Wayne, Northeast DVP James Edwards, and Southeast DVP George Manoogian.
Our traditional memorial service was conducted in honor of our departed members by chapter representatives attending the convention. The service was organized by Stella Pierce and led by James Edwards.
President Robert Pierce welcomed the members and introduced our guest, James Risner, Region I VP.


" President's Report: Robert Pierce reported on his accomplishments this past year. He summarized his participation by general topics and discussed each. The topics were Advocacy, Member Recruitment and Retention, Service to Chapters and Members, and NARFE National and Region I. His complete report is included as attachment 1.
Secretary's Report: Gene Holt reviewed the many issues that the Federation Secretary gets involved with during the year. He expressed appreciation for those receiving requests or reminders during the year to provide information. He expressed a concern that many chapters do not keep their officer roster up-to-date in the NARFE data base. Providing updates to NARFE promotes for better and timelier communication links.
Treasurer's Report: Norma Costa distributed a report for March 2019 showing a balance of $27,662.17 as of March 31, 2019. The report is included as attachment 2.
Alzheimer's Report: James Spriggs expressed appreciation and thanks for everyone's contributions. Nationally, NARFE has topped their goal of $13 million and has moved the goal up to $14 million.
Balloting Results Report: Gene Holt, Chair of the Nomination/Balloting Committee announced the results of the elections conducted by mail in balloting recently tallied.
A total of 237 ballots were received and certified by the committee. Federation President: 154 votes for Robert Pierce, 72 votes for William Wayne
All other elective offices were uncontested. The Federation Secretary was directed to cast a single ballot for those positions that had a candidate per the Federation Bylaws.
The four Federation Bylaws Resolutions were also approved.
The complete report and tallies are included as attachment 3.
Bylaws Report: Donna Brock explained the four resolution changes approved and the process to incorporate them into the Federation Bylaws and have the updated document approved by National Headquarters. The changes are effective July 1, 2019. Her report is included as attachment 4.

CDL/SDL Concept Report: Jeff Anliker provided a review of the subject training provided the morning of May 2, 2019 preceding the convention. The object is to provide a contact point for each U. S. Congressional District and our two U. S. Senators. He added that following the training the Massachusetts designated leaders met to review what steps should be taken to initiate the new concept program. Those steps include;
1. An introductory letter should be sent to each representative and senator.
2. A request to headquarters for NARFE email addresses for the leaders.
3. Federation provide standardized NARFE business cards for the leaders.
4. The leaders need to develop background information on their respective Congressional Representative.

A list of the designated leaders is included as attachment 5.

NARFE-PAC Report: Stella Pierce provided a report on recent NARFE-PAC cycle activity. She explained the report figures, provided information regarding fund raiser attendance by local NARFE members, and advantages to contribute. She answered a few questions regarding how funds are handled.
1. All NARFE-PAC donations go to National Headquarters for distribution.
2. Donations must come from NARFE members only.
3. NARFE maintains a specific drawn line between NARFE-PAC and Advocacy.

A copy of her report is included as attachment 6.
All reports were approved as presented.
President Robert Pierce provided a few remarks following his reelection for another term. He intends to:
1. Visit all chapters
2. Increase advocacy action
3. Increase recruitment
4. Reach out to national only members
5. Increase communication to all members

Guest Speakers

James Risner
Region I Vice President

' Jim discussed updates covering several topics:
1. The Region I Presidents met on May 1, 2019.
2. NARFE has developed a new LOGO as part of it's new "Branding Image" .
3. NARFE is seeking ways to increase non-member income sources.
4. NARFE has a "New Member Information System" coming soon.
5. He requested that members provide him with communication from the field.

Morgan Bell, Regional Director

Office of U. S. Congressman Seth Moulton

Morgan began her presentation with a brief background on Congressman Moulton. She expressed his offer to help with any personal issues for constituents. She then addressed Congressman Moulton 's position on several issues that have application to our group:
1. He opposes cuts to the federal retirement benefits.
2. He opposes the threat to increase employee contributions to sustain benefits.
3. He opposes a federal pay freeze.
4. He supports granting a federal pay raise.
5. He is working and supports efforts to keep budget dollars in place to support the federal employee programs and benefits.
6. He supports HR141 to repeal WEP & GPO.
7. He is studying HR 1254, The Equal Cola Act, to increase FERS retirees' cola on their federal stipend pension to equal that of CSRS and social security colas.

Morgan addressed several questions from the members:
1. We can expect business as usual even though Congressman Moulton is a presidential candidate.
2. He supported a budget approval verses shutting down the government.
3. The budget appears safer with democrat vote.
4. Seth will be holding a town hall meeting in Billerica this summer.
5. He has not made a decision on the "Equal Cola Act " yet.
6. Morgan was open to attending chapter meetings if schedule allows.

Kenneth Thomas
National NARFE President
(Video presentation)

President Thomas extended a " thanks for being a NARFE member ". He addressed four issues:
1. NARFE implemented " Shutdown Central " during the recent federal government shutdown. The site provided unprecedented information to government employees when information and help was not available from other sources.
2. The Legislative & Training Conference (LEG19) was highly successful.
3. NARFE has a " New Data Information System " about to be released.
4. NARFE is re-branding with a new image and logo.

Barbara Sido
National NARFE Executive Officer
(Video presentation)

Director Sido addresses several issues:
1. NARFE is the "Go to Resource for the Federal Community".
2. NARFE aggressively maintained communication during the shutdown.
3. NARFE does influence analysis of issues.
4. Civil Service Modernization
5. NARFE Image is changing.
6. NARFE Services & Products Marketing
7. NARFE Communications Adapt to a new generation - Challenge to change
8. NARFE Website will change and upgrade to a new website by next year.
9. Member needs & customer service a new AMS system
10. Other projects

Director Sido expressed that " Change is Necessary ". She invites members to communicate to her at execdir@narfe,org

Elizabeth Warren
U. S. Senator
(Video presentation)

Senator Warren expressed her strong support for NARFE and federal pensions. She thanked everyone for their service.


NARFE New Member Information System: Gene Holt reported on his experience with participation in NARFE ' s two Webinars on the New Member Information System about to be implemented on line. He felt that the system needs a lot of help before it will be ready for implementation. The presentation was not very helpful, the presenter seemed unprepared for questions and often answered that we will have to work on that. The clarity of the graphics was poor or out of focus during the presentation. Gene asked the members if anyone else have participated in the webinars. The response was two or three had and their opinion was similar. Region I VP James Risner indicated that he would provide input back to Headquarters. Last notice from Headquarters had set a date of June 1 for going online.

Massachusetts Federation Organization Change: Gene Holt led a discussion on the changes to the Federation Organization beginning July 1, 2019 based on the four Bylaws resolutions approved by the membership. While the Bylaws as amended do require National approval that is a formality to ensure we do not conflict with the National Bylaws.

Resolution one changes the terms of office for MAFED officers to two-year terms rather than the current one-year term.

Resolution two deletes the requirement that in the event of a vacancy of the President or Vice Presidents, an officer must move up and resign their present position.

Resolution three retitled the 1st VP to Executive VP and updated assigned duties, and the 2nd VP was retitled to Vice President for Advocacy and upgraded assigned duties.

Resolution four eliminates the offices of DVP and replaces DVP membership on the MAFEB with Chapter President or their authorized representative.

Resolution two and four will require action by the FEB to select a new Executive VP and to determine a method for Chapter Presidents to authorize a representative.

Lunch Break

Following the luncheon break the meeting resumed. The first order was to hold the drawing for several door prizes donated by the FEBP companies that participated with informational tables. Their participation was appreciated by many attending members who benefitted from information they acquired.

Unfinished & New Business

There was no business to conduct

Installation of Officers

The newly elected officers were sworn in by James Risner, Regional Vice President.


Convention Chaplain James Edwards gave the benediction.
The 2019 Annual Massachusetts Federation Convention was adjourned.
Prepared by Gene Holt, Federation Secretary
June 15, 2019

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